St Jordi a Dublin amb concert de Pau Alabajos + Campanya Signa un vot per la independencia



Vicent Partal in Dublin: Talk on Catalan independence

The talk that Vicent Partal gave last Tuesday (February 25th) in the Teacher’s Club in Dublin was a resounding success with larger turnout than expected. The event was organised by both the Irish branch of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and the Catalan Council of Ireland.
Vicent started the talk by covering the chain of events that, over the last 9 years, have led to the current situation in Catalonia whereby a large majority is in favour of self-determination followed by the announcement by the Catalan government of a referendum on the matter on November 9th 2014.
He explained how the starting point of the current wave of support for the secessionist movement dates back to 2005 when a new autonomy charter was drafted by the Catalan Parliament with the backing of all but 15 MPs out of a total of 135. This new charter was then severely cut back by the Parliament in Madrid, subsequently approved by that Parliament into Spanish law and signed by the King into law. It was then put to referendum in Catalonia and despite the cutbacks it was accepted by a majority of the people in Catalonia. Some of the cutbacks were significant, such as changing article 1 that stated that Catalonia was a nation to read that it was an autonomous region of Spain. Apparently this was not enough. The 15 MPs that had been against the new charter from the outset, all members of the Partido Popular, the right/far right party now in power in Madrid, with the backing of the party as a whole, decided to challenge the new autonomy charter in the Constitutional Court, the highest court in the land. This court, consisting of a handful of politically appointed judges decided that the fundamentals of the new charter were unconstitutional. This represented an unprecedented situation in Spain whereby a law approved by two Parliaments, signed by the King and approved by the people in a referendum was overturned by a highly politicised court (it has to be added that some of the judges in that court were serving well beyond their term of service due to a deadlock between the two main Spanish political parties, that had been fighting each other over the appointments of those judges for years).



Catalonia: Inches away from independence - Conference in Dublin 25F 2014

We are pleased to inform you about the conference "Catalonia: Inches away from independence" at the Teachers' Club (Club na Muintéoiri) , 36 Parnell Square, Dublin, Ireland the next Tuesday February 25th, 2014 starting at 6:30pm. 

Organized by Catalan Assembly in Ireland (ANC Ireland) in collaboration with the Catalan Council of Ireland, we are delighted to have Vicent Partal, journalist, director and editor of the Catalan online journal VilaWeb and writer of the recent book about independence for Catalonia “A un pam de la independència” (Inches away from independence). 

The Teachers' Club is a multifaceted venue in central Dublin, located just 5 mins walk from the GPO in the centre of the city.

During the conference, the current independence movement in Catalonia and the reasons behind it will be analysed by Vicent. The talk will cover the main events that have taken place in recent years which can only be explained against the backdrop of a history going back centuries. The aim of the session is mainly informative, the talk itself will be in English, admission is free and all are welcome.

Free entrance.


Follow us on Facebook: 


And Twitter: https://twitter.com/ANC_Ireland 

Estem orgullosos de poder anunciar la conferència del proper dimarts 25 de Febrer del 2014 a les 6:30 pm: "Catalunya a un pam de la independència".al the Teachers' Club (Club na Muintéoiri) , 36 Parnell Square, Dublin, Irlanda.

Organitzada per l'ANC Irlanda i amb la col-laboració del Catalan Council of Ireland (www.catalancouncil.ie ), tindrem amb nosaltres en Vicent Partal, periodista, director i editor de Vilaweb (www.vilaweb.cat ) que també ens presentarà el seu darrer llibre “A un pam de la independència”  

The Teachers' Club  (Club na Muintéoiri) és troba tot just 5 mins caminant de la GPO al centre de Dublín.

Entrada gratuita.


Segueix-nos Facebook: 


I al Twitter: https://twitter.com/ANC_Ireland 



Fotos Cadena Humana per la Independència de Catalunya #ViaCatalana #ViaDublin - Human Chain fot Catalan independence in Dublin 01/09/2013

VIDEO from the Human chain in Support of independence for Catalonia 01/09/2013 (Dublin- Ireland):
CLICK COMMENTS below to see more pictures from the event!



The Catalan community in Ireland organised today a successful Human Chain in support of Independence of Catalonia

On Sunday 01st of September 2013 the Catalan community living in Ireland (ANC Ireland and the Catalan Council of Ireland) organised a successful Human Chain in support of independence of Catalonia. The Dublin human chain coincided with more than 100  similar  other events taking place world wide and a massive one that will take place in Catalonia next September 11th.

It has been a very successful event with more than 300 attendees, exceeding by far the organisers expectations with people from all nationalities and ages gathered in front of the Dublin’s General Post Office (GPO), O’Connell Street. As an act of friendliness and gratitude towards their adopted country, Catalans  welcomed other Irish who wished to join in and be a part of the “human chain” today.  Among them many of themthe member of Dáil Éireann, Seán Crowe, TD for the constituency of Dublin South West.

 The organisers have chosen the General Post Office (GPO) in Dublin to hold the event as the building is a symbol of Irish independence and freedom, for its historic relevance. The people who gathered together, sang several songs of freedom together with the Catalan national anthem and chanting independence songs. The event was conducted in a festive yet civilised atmosphere and passers by showed great interest and congratulated the organisers. This event has been video recorded and subsequently will be shown throughout most of the national media in Catalonia.
The Catalan community in Ireland gives its full support to independence for Catalonia and today united its hands peacefully showing support to Catalonia and its desire for independence. Today’s event was also useful to explain to Irish citizens and tourists why the people of Catalonia want their independence from Spain as soon as possible.
Currently, the Catalan government is not allowed to hold a referendum of independence or decide any relevant issues as it is subordinated to the Spanish government and does not have full power of decision. Catalans want to participate democratically in a referendum for independence. This referendum could show then, that Catalonia is mature enough to govern itself with its own voice in the European Union and the United Nations.
However, as a referendum is not allowed by the Spanish government, the social movement “Catalan National Assembly”   http://catalanassembly.org/     who last 11th   September  mobilised around one and a half million people during a peaceful rally in Barcelona as a show of solidarity with the Catalan Government and in support of the proposed Referendum, are organizing a “human chain” of over 400,000 persons holding hands that will peacefully stretch along the entire country from north to south (about 400 Km) on 11 September 2013, Catalonia’s national day. More than 200 foreign journalists have requested to be able to cover the Catalan Way, creating a much higher international interest than for last year’s huge rally.
Like the Catalan Community in Ireland completed today, many Catalan communities abroad are also participating in this serene symbolic gesture creating their own “human chains” in more than 100 cities around the globe. New York, Paris, London, Buenos Aires, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Beijing, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Boston, Rome, Miami, Frankfurt, Vancouver … and many more !!! Such as a similar event that will also be held here in Cork next week:

·          Cork   Saturday, 7th  of September at 17h pm Grand Parade, in front of Cork City Library

The ANC Ireland wants to say  to all those who attended the event and the ones who have shown interest in this rather unusual representation of good  will where many people peacefully holded hands for a minute or two to symbolise their support of a nation’s democratic right to decide its future by means of a Referendum.” 

For more pictures and videos, please visit: http://via.liffey.cat/



Via Catalana a Dublín - Catalan Way Dublin 01/09/2013

[***In English below***]

Ja som més de 185 registrats i encara queden 3 dies!

Informació necessària per la teva participació a la Via Catalana a Dublín el dia 1 de setembre:  

Dia:       01 de setembre 2013
Hora:     17:14 pm (Hora irlandesa, cal ser puntuals)
Lloc:      GPO - General Post Office, O'connell Street. (Al mateix lloc que l'any passat).


- Farem una concentració inicial ,com l'any passat, davant de la GPO i després tot seguit farem la cadena humana al mig d'O'connell Street entre mig de les dues voreres, on no hi passen gaires vianants, a costat de l'Spire baixant direcció avall cap al riu Liffey, on ens donarem les mans durant uns minuts.

- Com que volem gravar un vídeo, seria convenient portar una samarreta de color groc, ja sigui la oficial  o qualsevol de color groc.

- Seria convenient i important portar el màxim de banderes catalanes o estelades i banderes irlandeses.

- L'ANC és una entitat no partidista  amb l'objectiu únic d'aconseguir la Independència de Catalunya, per tant us agrairiem que no portéssiu simbologia de cap partit polític a la Via Catalana de Dublín, les banderes anteriorment mencionades serien suficients.

- En acabar la Cadena humana / Via Catalana anirem a fer una foto final al Garden of Remembrance on cantarem l'himne nacional de Catalunya i després anirem al pub The Heritage Pub Parnell Inn, per fer unes pintes i a les 8pm ens espera el València - Barça de futbol per a qui el vulgui veure.

Extra: El proper dia 7 de setembre també en farem una a Cork, feu-ho saber a la gent de Cork :)
  • - Dissabte, 7 de setembre a les 17h a Grand Parade, davant de la Cork City Library. (Cork)

Més informació sobre la de Cork: Per a aquells que s'hi animin, a les 18h al Triskel hi haurà una xerrada a càrrec de Marcel·lí Antúnez, una de les figures més revellants de l'art electrònic i l'experimentació escènica i cofundador de La Fura dels Baus, com a part del programa del congrés The Body in Catalan Visual Culture.

Per a més informació ens podeu seguir via Twitter: https://twitter.com/ANC_Ireland

Siusplau, féu-ho córrer entre tots els que hi puguin estar interessats.

Moltíssimes gràcies i ens veiem el proper diumenge dia 1!

ANC Irlanda

[***English text***]

Catalan Way in support of self-determination of Catalonia that we will hold in Dublin. We are already more than 185 people registered and still have 3 more days!

We want to take this opportunity to give you some additional information about the event:

Day:       September the 1st, 2013
Time:     17:14 pm (Sharp)
Lloc:       GPO - General Post Office, O'connell Street. (Same as last year).


- We will meet initially at the GPO like last year and afterwards we will starts the human chain at O'connell Street, next to the Spire, going down direction to the river Liffey, where we will complete the human chain holding our hands for few minutes. 

- We intend to record a video, ideally everyone should wear a yellow t-shirt and if possible bring Catalan and/or Irish flags

- The Catalan National Assembly is a non-partisan organization working to achieve the independence of Catalonia. therefore we would appreciate if no specific political parties symbols are brought to the event. Catalan or Irish national flags are enough. 

- When we finish the human chain, we will go to the Garden of Remembrance to take a final photo, we will sing the Catalan National anthem and afterwards we will go to the pub The Heritage Pub Parnell Inn, to have some drinks and at 8pm whoever wants can enjoy the football match: Valencia - Barça.

Extra: We also have a human chain in support of independence of Catalonia next 7th of Setembre in Cork, so please feel free to pass the info to your friends from Cork.
  • -  Saturday, 7th of September at 7h Grand Parade, in front of Cork City Library. (Cork)

More information about Cork: At 18:00 there is also a conference about The Body in Catalan Visual Culture.

For further information and additional updates, please follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ANC_Ireland

Please forward the information to whoever might be interested and supports Catalonia on its way to independence.

See you on Sunday September 1st!

Go raibh míle maith agat.

ANC Ireland



2 cadenes humanes per la independència de Catalunya a Irlanda

 Ja tenim 2 cadenes humanes per la independència de Catalunya a Irlanda. 

Us podeu inscriure a ambdues a través de la web: http://catalanassembly.org/inscripcio-viainternacional/

  • - Diumenge, 1 de setembre a les 17:14 a la GPO d ' O'connell Street, a Dublín. 
  • - Dissabte, 7 de setembre a les 17h a Grand Parade, davant de la Cork City Library.

Més informació sobre la de Cork: Per a aquells que s'hi animin, a les 18h al Triskel hi haurà una xerrada a càrrec de Marcel·lí Antúnez, una de les figures més revellants de l'art electrònic i l'experimentació escènica i cofundador de La Fura dels Baus, com a part del programa del congrés The Body in Catalan Visual Culture.



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